Delray Beach Marriott
10 N Ocean Blvd
Delray Beach, FL

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I checked in on January 14th and checked-out the 17th. I was there for a sales convention with my company and thought that due to the abnormally nice weather I had a mosquito bite on my arm. I didn't think much of it until I got home and on Saturday I started itching quite a bit. When I woke up on Sunday and I had these welts all over my back arms and chest. After researching online what the bites looked like I called the Marriott in Delray. I had to wait until Monday until they had someone

examine the room. In the meantime I checked my personal belongings and bedroom at home for the bugs but found nothing.
Rick Konsavage, the general manager of the hotel called me and asked and did not sound very sorry for anything and quized me on where I stayed and for how long. He said he was having people check into it and would get back with me. He called me back five minutes later and said that they had found two bed bugs which seemed odd to me considering I had so many bites. He paid for my home to be inspected by Arrow exterminators, who did not find any bed bugs in my home. When talking with Rick he did not seem as if it could have been a problem with the hotel but he kept saying, "these things happen and at least I told you!"
This was the first time I had ever came in contact with bed bugs and I have been traveling for 6 years, oddly enough the hotel that had bed bugs was the most expensive hotel I had ever stayed at.

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