Daytona Beach Oceanside Inn
1909 S Atlantic Ave
Daytona Beach, FL

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This is the 2nd time that I stay in this hotel and is full of bugs. I checked my body and had bites all over my body. Definitely won't be staying there again, I go to Daytona every year for the Daytona Rolex 24 Hours that occurs around the end of January and will look to be staying on another location for next year. Stay away!!!!!!!

Me and My Wife stayed here in September 17th 2012 through the 19th. Would have been longer but we left early when we woke up with bites all over us. The mattress underneath was disgusting and had holes in it. Upon inspection was bed bug feces in the seams of the mattress. We got transferred to a nicer hotel and the manager of Oceanside inn gave us a refund and quarters to wash our clothes. They have a bed bug dog on standby which is weird because if you know you got a bug problem and you have a

ccess to a dog that quick then obviously you don't care about the guests. The whole building needs to be condemned because there was bugs everywhere and everything is outdated. Straight up ridiculous.

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My daughter and I were on the 6th floor in a handicapped room in January 2011. I had read online how to look for bedbugs before we arrived. I took off the sheets and looked in all of the seams, on the bedskirt, lifted the mattress, and found nothing. That evening, while laying on top of the sheets, a bedbug ran across my shirt. We immediately notified the hotel staff, who came to look at them and moved us to another room. I also checked that room, but didn't trust that they weren't there.

So we left in the middle of the night. The manager gave us a full refund the next morning.

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We just cheked out this afternoon, August 9th. We were in room 714 and saw bed bugs on the underskirt of the bed. Was this your room? Did you report this to the hotel staff? If so, did they rent it again knowing this?

We stayed in this hotel from July 29 through August 5 (Oceanside Inn in Daytona). Arrived home August 5, and by the late afternoon of August 6, my daughter was covered head to toe with bites, and I acquired bites the following day. Saw the bugs in my suitcase upon inspection.

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