Summer Bay Resort
17805 Us Highway 192
Clermont, FL

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was a guest at summer Bay resort on March 10th 2015.... left the hotel for billings issues. and few days later started itching really bad; notice bed bugs bites on my leg and I thought it was just mosquitos bites but my three other guest experience the same thing.

March 18, 2013 Monday Morning at 430am - Room 1310 at Crown Inn Hotel within Summer Bay Resort- finally got up from being consistently awaken by itching all night. Turned on the light and found three small bed bugs where I was sleeping. Called front desk and they sent security to check. Security Jeff witnessed same, took pictures, and confirmed bed bugs. They are on the beds, several walls, front door crevices, and bathroom. They are easily seen crawling everywhere. 7 on walls, 4 on beds,

and one on my shoulder as security was talking to me.

Was told by security that all our belongings must stay to be steamed. Given another room on the fourth floor. Provided written statement.

It is now 530am, Will speak to the manager in the morning.

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