Sheraton Sand Key Resort
1160 Gulf Blvd
Clearwater Beach, FL

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Possibly mosquitos, not bed bugs, hearing they are pretty bad all over

I do believe there is a problem there, was bit several times during my short stay. Never had the pleasure of the bed bug experience. Hope they can clear it up, its a beautiful place.

Was itchy the whole time and bit. Thiught ut was dry skin, it was not. They followed me home, but hopefully caught it in time thanks to freezing weather.

Sheraton, Sandkey, FL, room 710.
Just left on 1/1/16.
Had bumpy "rash" and red swollen spots on entire left side of my body that continued to get worse each day of the 5 days we stayed. I thought it was from the sun. My husband did not have any signs on him and the sheets did not have blood stains. But went to my dermatologist and she said it was from bedbug bites!
Thank goodness I haven't unpacked my bags yet. Will put my suitcase in cold garage for a week then everything into a hot dryer


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