Homewood Suites Washington, DC
1475 Massachusetts Ave Nw
Washington, DC 20005-2806

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I saw, (and collected in a ziploc bag), what I belive to be a bedbug. I've never encountered a bedbug before but it fit the description. I don't think I received any bites. It was on the fluffy blanket underneath the coverlet. It was headed down toward the foot of the bed as I had opened the curtains first thing in the morning.

It was over the July 4th holiday 2011. I left the specimen with hotel management. They immediately comped my room and were more than apologetic, reporting that

they had no knowledge of a problem in that room in the past, or in the hotel, (for the knowledge of the staff person I encountered).

It seems to be a problem that is growing. We are back home, our luggage is on the back porch and we won't be bringing things in except in laundry loads to go straight to the wash. Ditomaceous earth on order. I'm going to order a traveling suitcase stand to ensure that I can keep my luggage off the floor. Yucki-poo.

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