Capitol Skyline Hotel
10 'i' Street Sw/south Capitol St.
Washington, DC

Found 4 reports:

Arrived for our stay on 9/4/15 for a three night stay. On 9/5-6 we noticed some unusual bites (both my wife and I) on our bodies. On 9/6/15 in the afternoon we checked again (because we already had done a quick sweep for bugs when we arrived) and discovered two adult bed bugs and a number of small juvenile bed bugs squirming about under our mattress. We altered the front desk and showed the desk manager Nigel the specimens I was able to capture in a few plastic cups. They offered to move us to a

new room. We laundered everything we brought, and disposed of a few articles of clothing and our suitcases as we do not know what may have been infested during our stay. They discounted our room slightly but made us pay for laundry service out of pocket so it came out about full price anyway. We moved to the new room (slightly bigger) and performed a more thorough inspection. We did not see anything at that time. On the morning of 9/7/15 both my wife and I awoke around 4AM with itchy feelings. I turned the light on to find two more bed bugs nested in our pillows. And new bites on our bodies... As we had circled the bites the night before in pen. We left the hotel just before 5AM after speaking with the desk clerk who informed us that we would be contacted by a manager around 8AM. 8AM passed and I called Nigel (Desk Mgr.) at around 9:30AM. We are now awaiting a call from the hotel to seek restitution for our lost goods and on the off chance we bring them home with us.

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June 2015, lots of bed bugs!! Confirmed infection!!

stayed at this hotel on 11-11-13 was getting ready to go to bed and found a bed bug on the pillow so i started screaming threw the bed across the room and the bottom mattress was covered in them so mad a big seen in the lobby and they didnt help me out one bit n refused to give us back our money so we left and stayed in a different and CLEAN HOTEL that night....

Found a bed bug in the bathtub. Positive it was a bedbug as I identify them as part of my profession. Stayed at the hotel in November 2012.

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