Lamp Liter Inn
3300 W Mineral King Ave
Visalia, CA

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I stayed at the Lamp Liter October 6-8, 2013. I received clusters of small bites on my neck and arms, which turned in to itching welts that have lasted for over a week; they are gradually healing. I did not see the bugs themselves (which is not uncommon since they are very small). We informed the front desk when we left. When we returned home we laundered everything before we took it into the house and have not had any problems at our home.

Sorry, the date of the night spent in the Lamp Liter Inn was 20 september 2012, not 20 october.

We slept in this hotel on 20th october. I woke up with the feeling something is walking on my hand. I slapped it, switched on the light and saw a bedbuck! In the bathroom I found more of them. I caught one and called the reception to come to my room and see it. It was 2:30 a.m. The lady on the phone called me back and told she is alone and can´t come. She made an offer to move into another room. I refused, because the bedbucks can be anywhere in the hotel and I could not imagine to sleep here.

She told us to bring the bedbuck into the reception, which we did, but she did not like to let us inside and talked to us through the window. From this distance she told us it is not a bedbuck. Sorry, but how someone can recognize from this distance, if it is a bedbuck or not? She was very unpolite. She did not like to give us the name of the hotel manager. I also ask her name. She refused to do it. At the end she told her name is Jude, but did not like to give us her second name. She told us to wait until morning 7 a.m. What should we do middle at night in the bedbucks hotel? The lady let us stay outside the reception with the bedbuck in the glas and went back to her office. It was very ignorant, impolite and rude! We are going to pack our baggages and leave as soon as it is not dark. Stay away from this hotel!

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Please understand that we do not take these matters lightly as we consider the health and safety of our guests and employees to be our upmost priority. That being said the guest unfortunately failed to inform our property regarding this specific situation. Leaving a report more than two years after an incident has taken place not only fails to resolve the issue by allowing us to take action, it helps perpetuate the problem.

Bed bugs are an industry wide problem as hotels see a large volume o

f guests from all over the world. They can easily migrate from anywhere by being carried in a guest’s luggage. We have a very proactive housekeeping staff and pest control service but if there is a specific problem that needs to be addressed we need to know about it so we can take the required action. Due to our diligence the lamp Liter Inn continues to be bed bug free.

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We stayed there for a high school reunion the last weekend in Setember 2008. Both my husband & I were bitten with bedbugs. At first we did not realize what the problem was. Most painful and the itching & welts lasted for weeks.... NEVER AGAIN will we stay there. From now on we stay in other motorhome, at least we know who slept in our bed.

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