Sheraton Universal Hotel
333 Universal Hollywood Dr
Universal City, CA

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I stayed June 27, 2013. I woke up with bites all on my back and buttocks. Big red welts and itched. I ran a fever for 36 hours.

I stayed in room 2017 on Thursday (9/4) and the next evening the welts started to emerge mostly on my neck and right arm, but also on my left hand and legs.

I've had one prior ecounter with bedbugs a few years ago and in that instance the welts also emerged in the evening. That time I actually saw two bedbugs while I was sitting in bed reading -- you can bet I checked out of that room within minutes.

I stayed at Sheraton-universal city on 9/19/12 (Room 1817). I was a speaker at the NAHMMA Conference. I went to bed midnight and woke up at 2:15 am due to severe itching. At 2:15 am, I noticed bug bites all over my right-left arm and my legs. I was completely traumatized and called the front desk. The front desk offered me a different room, but, I opted to spend the remaining time at the Hilton across the street, as i was completely shaken. I spoke to the front desk manager (Sherry- Sam) about m

y situation. Based on my request, she offered to comp me for my hilton stay AND pay $100 for dry cleaning my 2 suits. I flew back to the bay area on 9/20 afternoon, with inflamed arms and legs - specifically my right arm. At the airport, I removed every piece of clothing on me and all that I carried to Sheraton and put them in a sealed back to take to the dry cleaner. The dry cleaner said that the suits are woolen and would not be able to be cleaned at the 120 degree temperature to kill bedbugs. I threw away my two womens suits! The inflamation increased on Friday 9/21, I had to go to urgent care. The doctor confirmed that I had bedbug bites that started to get infected, prescribed anti-histamine and antibiotics. Sherry of sheraton wrote me an email saying no "Activity" was found.

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Dear Jeri-

I wanted to extend my apologies for the problems you encountered during your stay. I was upset to hear as though you we were not concerned about the issue. We took your report very seriously and have fully investigated your claim. I know since your posting we've also been in contact with you to express our apologies and worked through this unfortunate situation.

Thank you again and please do not hesitate to let me know if I can be of any future assistance.

Randy Player

I stayed at the Universal Sheraton July 7 and *. I came home with bed bug bites. I phoned and they will not get back to me. The operator asked if I saw them and if the swelling occured immediately. You don't always see them and sometimes it can take a few days to swell up. She is denying I got bed bugs from their hotel.

Dear Guest,
I would like to offer my sincere apology for any the inconvenience you experienced. I am certainly disappointed that I did not get a chance to speak with you in person. I appreciate your concern, interest and extra time you have taken to bring the matters to our attention . Please accept my apologies and be assured that your concerns are noted and addressed with the managers involved.

I would certainly like to be of further assistance if you can please follow up with me at y

our convenience.

Sherry "Sam" Samanon
Front Office Manager
Sheraton Universal Hotel
333 Universal Hollywood Drive
Universal City, California 91608
main 818.980.1212 / direct 818.509.2772
fax 818.985.4980
[email protected]

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I am staying at the hotel for a couple of nights now and woke up this morning with bed bugs swellings in different parts on my body. I'm talking to the hotel management about it now but they said there were a few bed bug reports at the hotel last week.

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