Larkspur Landing Sunnyvale Hotel
748 N Mathilda Ave
Sunnyvale, CA

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Was on the 3rd floor and found them all along the backside of the bed. I honestly forgot what room we were in. Found many dead ones and about 15 live ones so it had been there for awhile. I reported it to the front desk and the girl initially reacted as if I were truly making it up. I have experience with them and clearly know what they look like. I have my own hotel and actually had them 4 years ago, so I know the extent of the issue.

She kindly moved me to a different floor because I r

equested nothing on the same floor. They put me into a nice big room but I really didn't need it. It was too big. I just wanted a clean room. But I appreciated their effort and they did comp me for the first night.

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