Embassy Stes Sfo Airport
250 Gateway Blvd
South San Francisco, CA

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Hello . First I would like to say that on my recent stay June 21, 2014. Room 818. at this hotel me and my husband found beg bugs on the walls of the restroom and on the bed. I always heard about bed bugs but could never really see them because they were so small. But as soon as I took the covers off to place my blanket and pillow on the bed I found a bug moving. Then it stood very still. I looked down and thought I was dreaming but when I looked closely I got scared and told my husband I wanted

to leave. I was In shock and fear. My husband then looked at the bed bug on the bed and went to the bathroom and be hold more little bed bugs on the edge from the ceiling and the walls . Manager moved us rooms to a corner room. Still very scared and worried sorry will never stay there again.

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We very much appreciate your alerting us right away. We take this very seriously and acting promptly is very important to maintain the high cleanliness standards our hotel keeps. We immediately contacted our pest control company to inspect the room. There were no other findings reported.

We've since had no other complaints. If you would like to reach out to me directly my email address is [email protected] I'm happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

We were in room 710...Had an early morning meeting...at 0430 dupon exiting the shower, found a live bedbug on the extra blanket we'd taken out of the closed. Trapped it on the adhesive on the back of the bagtag on our suitcase. Reported it to the front desk right away. Transferred rooms..awaiting inspection of our belongings by exterminator.

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