Comfort Inn
2815 Santa Monica Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90404-2409

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11/27/12 - 12/14/12
This is by far the worst hotel experience of my life and I am a frequent traveler! I stayed there on business for what was suppose to be 5 weeks but quickly turned into 2 1/2. First I was moved from my initial room to another room after a few days of staying a settling in due to "construction above my room". So next they moved me into my second room. I remained in this room for a few days then woke up one morning with bites, bumps and blood stains on the sheets and mattress!

!!! I pulled the sheets back and killed about 10-15 bed bugs smearing blood along the way! After removing all the sheets I noticed they don't even use mattress covers!!! Disgusting!!! I then showed the staff and they informed me they would move me to a third room. So I stayed calm and moved to the third room. I stayed in this room for one night after awakening to believe it or not, more bedbugs!!! I put one in a cup and showed the bug to the front desk and told them I was moving to the Days Inn. I returned to deal with management and was confronted with arrogance and was even accused of damaging a corner of one of their mattresses. I was appalled. I called corporate who did nothing at all to help the matter except contact the manager. In the end they received over $1600 from me and they compensated me for only $300. I was more than upset and hope to let everyone know that this place is infested and is not being treated properly to rid of the bed bugs no matter what they may tell you on the phone. This place is terrible, the staff is rude and I hope I am saving someone else the headache!

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