Knights Inn Santa Cruz
510 Leibrandt Ave
Santa Cruz, CA

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Me and my kids had a two bedroom which is actually a bed in a closet. I first noticed an awful smell and bought renuzit for the room. I tried to check the matress but it was in a sealed liner. The first night we itched. I noticed bumps on my face. The last night, tonight, I actually saw the bed bugs on my kids!!! I fteaked out!! Packed up everything and left for home at 12:30am!! My kids have bites on the back and neck. Im so worried about bringing the bugs home. Im stressed out

!! I killed some of the bugs right on the sheets. Why would this place be allowed to stay in business?!?!

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January 16th, 2015. BEDBUGS!!

My friend rented a room with her kids, last night and found a bedbug crawling on the pillow. She complained to the management, and was given a much nicer suite of rooms.

29th October 2014 - Noticed a bug crawling over me as I was drifting off to sleep, swatted it away thinking it was a fly, but it was persistent. The idea that it was a bed bug dawned on me & I sat up & switched on the light. It was a huge, quarter-of-an-inch sized bedbug, and it would not die. In the end I had to flush it & several other much smaller bedbug down the toilet as they were impossible to kill. When my friend and I started investigating our beds for them we found 3 more small ones, on

our bedding & crawling over a book on the bedside table. It did not make for a good night's sleep.

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