Hotel Oceana Santa Barbara
202 W Cabrillo Blvd
Santa Barbara, CA
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Bed bug encountered on Jan 9, 2011 at the Hotel Oceans SB. We checked around the mattress, etc for signs of bugs upon check-in. Everything looked okay and no obvious signs of bed bugs. This morning a while after waking up my gf and I were getting organized and tidying up before our departure. She picked up the comforter which we didn't use over night and had left on the floor at the foot of the bed and found a bug. It was most definitely a bed bug. We compared it to online diagrams and pho

tos using my android phone to be absolutely certain...and without a doubt, it was. Even took some photos of it after picking it up and trapping in a room glass. Anyhow, we were fortunate not to have been bitten (as far as we can tell..not sure if irritation I've seen in photos has a delayed onset) or have a ton of them around upon waking up or something. This was our first beg bug encounter and we only recently learned of their frequent occurence due to recent media attention. Anyhow, also fortunate we were only booked one night--neither of us would have slept there again. Washed and dried all clothes and bagged up our luggage immediately upon arriving home (still gotta figure out what we can do about that to address possible vagabond bugs, eggs, and our paranoia) and even baked all the shoes we took at 150F for 20 min based on some heat treatment info we read online. Also inspected our other travel stuff and didn't find anything that resembled eggs.

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