La Quinta Inn & Suites Orange County-Santa Ana
2721 Hotel Ter
Santa Ana, CA 92705

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It was the night of 3/26/2018. I woke up with blood stains on the sheets and a live bed bug on my pillow. I called the front desk immediately, and a maintenance guy came up to my room. He took the bed bug from my pillow, but fortunately I had already taken a picture of it. After showering and throwing away the clothes I was wearing, I went down to the front desk, and the comped my room for the night - great deal for my company, but no benefit for me.

When I got home, I contacted La Quinta

corporate offices and I was eventually offered a settlement of $200 provided I not disclose any details of the incident. At that time I was informed that it was confirmed that my room had an infestation. I elected to wait to make sure I didn't bring any of them into my home. I threw away my duffel bag, backpack, and toiletry case just to be certain. $200 wouldn't even cover replacing them. When I later attempted to contact La Quinta, I received no response. Once La Quinta was taken over by Wyndham, I contacted them Now they refuse to do anything about it saying it must be handled through the property manager - the one who refuses to respond.

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