Comfort Inn San Jose International Airport CA
875 N 13th St
San Jose, CA 95112

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I checked in on Sunday, June 16, 2013. Was put into room 320. Since I am a seasoned traveler, I always do a complete bedbug search of my room. I found one adult bedbug on the bottom of the beds box springs. I captured it into a plastic drinking cup and took it down to the front desk. They were apologetic. I told them they needed to seal off that room and the rooms each side and have it heat treated to be sure no bugs survive. I asked to be moved far away from this room and on opposite sid

e of hall. They put me in 319, directly across the hall (not exactly far away). I did an intensely thorough inspection and found no bugs. Since I always bring a bedbug incasement for my luggage and a bedbug proof pillow case for my pillow I decided to stay in 319. I kept the luggage and all personal belongings, clothing, etc inside the incasement and left them in the bathroom the whole stay (quite inconvenient) and slept only in underwear. Was a little nervous the whole stay and woke up a few times each night and turned on the light to look for bugs. Was there three nights and no bites. Since there was only one bug in 320 (at least that I found) my guess is there is not an infestation at that hotel.

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