Surf Motel
2265 Lombard St
San Francisco, CA 94123

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Bedbug bites on arms and legs. I stayed in room 101 september 2014.

I stayed at Surf motel in june 2014.
Bed bugs found in my bed (room #304).
A lot of bites all over my body.

I stayed in room #309 from 4/19/13-4/23/13. I noticed that the mattress and bedding smelled a little funny, but was hoping that it was just leftover 'smoke' from a non-smoking room. When housekeeping skipped my room the second day, they came back the third day to give me 'fresh' bedding...that is when things got bad. The 'fresh' bedding that they provided to me smelled even worse than the first comforter that was on there when I arrived, and then I started getting red welts all over my arms, nec

k, back, and even on my forehead. It has been a week since my stay there, and the bites from the bed bugs are just finally starting to go down in size. Luckily for me, I had kept my clothes hanging up on well above the flooring and bed. I would have been even more furious if I had brought this nightmare home with me. The manager had agreed to call me back on both the first day and the second day. By the time that I was ready to checkout, I didn't even bother saying anything since they hadn't even followed up with me previously.

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Bedbugs found in my bed (room 202). A few bites on the arm and the neck.

Bedbugs found in my bed (room 202). A few bites on the arm and the neck.

Brought home bed bugs from room 304 after a one night stay on September 25, 2010. Old and dirty mattress and bedding.

A lot of bedbugbites on my arms, neck and hands.
Date: 23 and 24 july Room:303

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