Renoir Hotel
45 Mcallister St
San Francisco, CA
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I stayed at the Renoir for (3) nights 6/11 - 6/13/2012. Happy to report my room passed A-OK after a very thorough inspection for bugs. Absolutely no issues were encountered during my stay here.

My friends and I frequented this hotel in 2002 and 2003.
They did in fact have a bed bug problem at that time which is why we no longer visit that hotel.
I can't recall the room numbers but we had 3 different rooms at the same time, all with bed bugs.
When we complained, they moved us but offered no compensation or laundry service.

In response to the online comments made by this guest, the Renoir Hotel would like to present our own findings. The accusations made by said guest are entirely untrue and unfounded. In reality, the guest did not report any bedbugs during his stay. He is upset because the Hotel kept his cash deposit after he smoked in the guest room. The Renoir Hotel is a completely non-smoking property and this guest chose not to adhere to our policies, although he had been informed of it at the time of book

ing and at check-in. He even signed a form saying he would adhere to our non-smoking policy and would accept a penalty if we found out that he was not following the policy. Additionally, due to the aggressive nature displayed by this guest, the Manager on Duty, along with Security staff were required to force the guest to vacate from the premises. It is regrettable that guests are allowed to comment negatively on a business when the business is following policies for the benefit of all guests.

Peter Gerhäuser
Director of Sales & Marketing
Renoir Hotel, San Francisco

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I booked online for a 3 night stay at the Renoir Hotel and was there in room #621,4/3/09 to 4/6/09. I was bitten by bedbugs my second night in. On the third and final night I received several more bites,all on my hands and wrists. When I checked between the mattress and boxspring I found a bedbug and killed it. When I checked out I told the hotel clerk about the bites and asked to speak to the manager. I showed the manager the bites on my hands and wrists and offered to show her the dead bedbug

which I had in a piece of tissue. The manager refused to see the dead bug and told me that all the hotels in the(Tenderloin)area had bedbugs. The manager never apologized to me,and I left the Renoir Hotel,never to return!

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