Monarch Hotel
1015 Geary St
San Francisco, CA 94109-6902

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I stayed in the Monarch only one night (Oct 22nd till Oct 23rd) due to bed bugs.
We had booked the hotel for six nights, but after waking up and checking the bed and find the bad wants of bug and saw the smears of blood, which must be mine...I went crazy. I took pictures, collected the bugs and thought I had killed them, but then it started walking again I panicked and throw the paper and bugs in the toilet. I went downstairs to talk to the receptionist. The manager was there also and I told t

hem that I was in a sort of shock finding the bugs in my bed. His (the manager) first repsonse was: that cannot be the case. When I showed him the pictures he said: you could have taken those anywhere! I was stunned by his reaction! No sympathy, no excuses, no nothing at all! he said: let's have a look at the bed. I said: ok, now? No he said, he first had to go to his car to pick something up??. I needed a coffee very badly, felt awfull due the bugs and his reaction and said to him, fine, I will be accross the street to drink a coffee.
Called my parents who staued in another room and they came to the coffee bar right away and after the coffee we went back to the manager. We checked the bed, which was no bug fee, no warm human body to snack from... but the sheet was clearly not clean. About the blood smears the manager said: you could have scratched yourself. He denied the fact that I had found the bugs and that there were any in his hotel.
We told him that we would check out and find another hotel. Another room was not an option. The idear that the bugs had bite me and that it could happen again freaked me out.
3 nights were refunded for both our rooms. So 2 nights payed for nothing. The same day our hotel booking company sent us an e-mail asking for the reason of us leaving the hotel so unexpectedly. And gave us a call a day later and told us that the hotel manager stated that he refunded 5 night per room. Which was not true. Our booking company would look into the matter and is trying to resolve this. Still under invest.
The other hotel we booked for the rest of our San Francisco stay was clean, nice and free of bed bugs.
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Through the dates of April 14th - 16th, in room 416, My girlfriend & I stayed at the Monarch. On the last night, several welts made an appearance on my forearms and back. The next night, the welts turned red and became rather itchy. The night hence-after, the number of bites multiplied and became a burden about my body. A few small bugs discovered lounging around my room and an outside study of my bite marks confirmed that bed bugs were the instigators. My girlfriend received milder symptoms, bu

t suffered from the wee-vampire marks nonetheless. In the future, I recommend searching-out the parasites upon entry to any hotel room. Bring a flashlight and insist on a bed-bug-less environment.

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on april 21st I woke up at 6am to see about ten bugs in the bed. I brought a bug to the front desk so they could see and got my room changed.

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