Hotel Kabuki
1625 Post St
San Francisco, CA 94115

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I stayed at Hotel Kabuki on business 14-24 May 2012. It was without incident until the 23rd, when I started scratching my upper arms and back. I checked in the bathroom mirror and discovered the tell-tale breakfast/lunch/dinner patterns ALL OVER my shoulders. I counted close to 50 bites.
Not wanting to cause a scene or make the situation any more unpleasant, I reported the issue at my first opportunity that night. The duty manager had me moved to a totally different part of the hotel, where

I spent my last night. In the morning, I spoke with the hotel's manager and he confirmed that a thorough search of the room and those adjacent revealed "no evidence" of bed bugs... well, then how to explain the raised bumps all over me??
Long story short, I have advised my employer not to give Hotel Kabuki any more business, and I would advise you not to stay here.

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Stayed there from March 11-16, 2012. The hotel seems okay but on my last two days and found some bites on my hands/arms, including the "breakfast-lunch-dinner" mark (three bites in a row). They have since grown a rash and have been confirmed as bed bug bits! I am beyond upset because I put my luggage on a holder, never left anything on the ground, etc. I've washed everything since I got home but I would never EVER recommend this hotel to anyone because of the bedbugs!!

TERRIBLE BED BUGS! Woke up at 6:45 a.m. to over a 1/2 dozen bed bugs of all sizes in my bed, which I proceeded to kill. When the hotel engineer came up 2 more (alive) appeared. Over 20 bites on one arm alone. Apparently this was a reoccurence of an earlier problem (i.e., they never solved the problem). Hotel did not get rid of the headboard in the room. Was refunded and moved, but would not have traded that for the fear that I may have taken them home with me, despite all the precautions I


I asked whether there had been such a problem before in the room I was moved to-- that this was a necessity--and was told there was not. The 2nd room I was moved to did not have any problems. If you plan to stay here, inquire whether there had been bed bug issues in that room, before. If there had been, it is not worth taking the risk.

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