Holiday Inn Civic Center, San Francisco
50 8th St
San Francisco, CA 94103-1409

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We are very sorry to hear of your claim and did not find any sign of bedbugs per your report. After you contacted us with your claim the day after you checked out, we immediately mobilized and closed down the area of not only your room but the surrounding area. We at the Holiday Inn Civic Center take this matter very seriously and have defined protocols for not only reacting to this, but also proactive programs of inspections to target any bed bug intruders. Our nationally recogni

zed pest elimination company did a through inspection of your guest room and surrounding rooms and found no evidence of bedbugs.

Best Regards,

Luke Cerny
Assistant General Manager

Holiday Inn San Francisco Civic Center Intercontinental Hotels Group

50 Eighth Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
P: 1.415.626.6103
F: 1.415.552.0184
[email protected]

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September 2010

Checked into room 612

Tore apart bedding and found one bedbug and blood stains in the very last part of my search. I killed it and reported it right away. I was moved to a room on the 9th floor, did an even more thorough search and found no bugs.

I did not get bitten during my week there and have no evidence of hitchhikers. I didn't sleep too well as a result of the anxiety though. :-(

I contacted the hotel multiple times prior to my stay to find out what their bedbug

removal protocol was. No one had a clue until I got to the head of housekeeping. They said on a report, they investigate the room right away, send in exterminators, then take the room "offline" until it's been checked a few times. Whether this is true or not...

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I stayed here from October 14-18...I didnt notice any bites the first night. On the second night I got bitten maybe 4 times and prayed that it wasn't bed bugs. On third night I got attacked on the 9th floor. I reported the problem and was moved to a slightly nicer room on the 14th floor. I was bitten yet again and checked out that day. I was charged for every night.

Right now my body is covered with bed bug bites. On October 8, 2010, I stayed in Room 1115 at the Holiday Inn Civic Center San Francisco.

If you wake up in the middle of the night in an ichy fit, it ain't hives, its bed bugs. Get out immediately!

I thought it was just me until my wife say my back, arms, crotch, and screamed!

I swear honey! It wasn't a sleazy hotel, it was the Holiday Inn. See here is the receipt! I had to show another complaint on this site to convince her.

Stayed at this hotel the week of Oct 4th, 2010. Found 2 bites (in a row) on my stomach in the morning.

never staying there again, and I come to SF a lot for work.

Spent the night of 18 December 08 there in room 1410 and woke up with bites on my arm and wrist.

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