Good Hotel
112 7th St
San Francisco, CA 94103-2809

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I reported bed bug problem from stay at this hotel from Aug 24-28th to hotel manager to try prevent this from occurring to others. They 1st said no one that stayed in same room as me after reported any problems but later after following up several times changed this to we had the room inspected by staff and a 3rd party and nothing was found. I said adjacent rooms and elsewhere in the building may be infected and most people do not realise they are bitten. I asked for the inspection reports an

d they said they were internal only. I reported this incident to the SFPHD. I encourage others to report incidents via 1 of the following:
1. 311 CSC (24/7) by dialing 311 (Within SF) or (415) 701-2311 (outside SF), or
2.311 CSC website at, or
3.Email [email protected], or
4.Contact SFDPH Environmental Health Staff by phone at (415) 252-3800

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Stayed Aug 24th to 28th 2014 and after being home for 2-3 weeks discovered many bed bugs in my room. Only placed traveled and stayed was this hotel. Have never had them before and don't know anyone who did. Contacted hotel but no response. Now seeing all these reports it is very likely they were from here. Didn't notice any bite marks while there and didn't think to check for them. Even when bitten at home did not leave any marks.

Stayed one night and had at least 7 Bedbug bites on my legs.

10/18/13 Spent several nights in Room 110 noticed what we thought were mosquito bites. After 4 gunshots fired right outside our window in the alley behind the hotel, we asked to be moved to another room. In Room 410, The number of bites increased on our hands, back, shoulder, and stomach. We now believe they are bed bugs.

Spent one short night -- last night -- in Suite 521. Shortly after waking up, noticed a few itchy bumps on my hand/forearm. Eventually counted well over a dozen on my arms and torso. Another person staying in the room woke up with bites as well.

Did not see any bugs, so cannot be certain, but given that they've been here before (see 11/16/2010 entry below) it's hard to think they'd be anything else.

Quarantined everything and am hoping they didn't follow me home from San Francisco...

Stayed in room 118 and after 2 nights woke up with around 15 bites to my legs and feet. Moved rooms to 122 and bites doubled. Very painful and itchy bites. Hotel staff say the bugs and claimed they were fleas not bed bugs. After my stay the claim to have had a pest control company check and find nothing. But I am covered in bites. Don't stay there.

Stayed in the hotel and found bugs crawling on friend who was asleep. After squashing several, there was blood on the sheets indicating that had just taken a blood meal. We told reception immediately and transferred rooms. They also gave us a voucher to stay at the hotel again.

Room 521 family suite, thought they were mosquito bites until I looked online and compared the photos. Definitely bed bugs. On my left foot there are two, right ankle there are three and right calf there is one. My mother got attacked too. SO GROSS!!!

Room 320, evidently I must be allergic because of the severe reaction. I had to dump my bags and buy new clothes while mine were washed or drycleaned. They gave me no discount though my arms and face were covered in bites. And other less noticeable areas.

Room 504. Stayed 3 nights...still itching. Bumps all over! And they only gave me 15% off my bill.

Bed bug infestation, room 409, we stayed there on June 25th...checked out the next morning. So gross!

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