Basque Hotel
15 Romolo Pl
San Francisco, CA 94133-4015

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The back showers have been extremely dirty and I've seen bed bugs. I told Aaron the showers needed cleaning and he tried coarcing me into signing a new lease for $500 more or vacate in 2 days, when I'd been living there since 2010! I went to the SRO Collaborative who told him this was illegal. He backed off, but then refused to give me rent receipts. I went to the Tenderloin Housing Clinic, where they wrote him a letter about the law and rent receipts. Aaron then stopped giving me clean lin

en and claimed I was being a nuissance to his attorney, who sent me 3 Notices of Breach of Covenant. I filed for a rent reduction with the Rent Board. At the hearing Aaron told the judge he'd write a proposal to settle - then 5 days later, decided not to. I wrote the judge about it. Anyone else having issues with him? Write me at [email protected]

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Moved in to the Basque in the Summer of 2010 due to budget constraints and as part of a short term plan regarding my profession.

Without going into any other details here, I noticed that management, or the manager in particular, was pretty arrogant and rude. That should have been my first warning...

Over the last couple of years I heard there were guests who had complaints of bedbug sightings and had even seen management use a heat blowing device on individual rooms.
My first thought was

that they're treating one room at a time. It would seem logical that the bedbugs would migrate away from the heat to adjoining rooms through the walls. I resolved to make sure no guest would be allowed to sit or put anything onto my bed.
I actually told the manager in 2010 when he asked me if I had seen any bedbugs, that I wouldn't even let anyone into my room just to be on the safe side. At this time I hadn't seen these creatures.

Within the course of the couple of years, I noticed the heat blowing device being used on other rooms and I had talked with a few of those guests whose rooms were being treated. They all told me they were moving and how disappointed they were with the handling of what I started to believe was becoming an infestation.
One gal in particular said that it was so bad, she asked to be moved to another room and then said that shortly thereafter she started seeing them in the new room. She also told me the manager was VERY condescending and nonchalant when she continued to complain about seeing bedbugs. She eventually moved and I've seen and talked with her several times since. She is not happy about the entire experience she had here at the Basque.

Just recently, I started seeing blood spots on my pillow and on my sheets but noticed no marks on me. I was suspicious and had those suspicions confirmed when I saw something crawling on the sheeted partition under my loft bed as I was on my computer. I killed it and it was full of blood. I've seen and have killed several since. Where they came from or how they got into my room is frustrating since I've tried to be very cautious. Thereafter, I have awakened to increasing blood spots on my sheets and down comforter.
Because of the the relationship with this manager and his questionable dealings with people he deems 'inferior' to himself, I have decided not to wash neither the sheet, pillowcase or comforter based on the conversations I've had with others. I have pictures of all bloodstained items.

I'm moving and have submitted a 'service request' form to management about eradicating these pests and to politely see if WE could coordinate a time and a date when this can take place. After a couple days of not hearing anything back from them, I finally got a 'response' taped to my door (for all other tenants to see)telling me that "...the presence of bedbugs on the premises HAS NOT been confirmed at this time..." and that they will schedule a time for inspection.
The original time scheduled was not conducive to my schedule and instead of trying combat the infestation, he taped another notice to my door saying he tried to schedule a date and I refused that date. He also taped a notice to my door indicating his managerial rights for entering a tenant dwelling with proper notice.

The long and the short of it is that I now feel it necessary for me to spend more money before I move just to get an impartial extermination company in here to deal with the problem. I'm also resolved to leaving most of my things in this place for fear of taking bedbugs with me to my new place.

Until some serious changes are made, my advice to anyone is to make sure you know which places are infested and which places are not. I took all the necessary precautions and they didn't help.

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august 2011...spent two nights there...first night nothing happenned...second night ...completely covered with very careful...woke up at one in the morning and left...afraid to go home because i didnt want to bring it home...terrible....was deceived because restaurant below is good andbusy...but i hope nobody else has to go through what i have,,,i still have red marks three weeks very careful

Thanks to the poor management here, this hotel is now infected with bed bugs from the new tenants that moved here from The Green Tortoise (which BTW has over 17 reports here on the net!). PEOPLE!!! When you move from one infested place to another, don't assume you aren't carrying the bugs with you! You need to wash EVERYTHING , and I mean EVERYTHING in hot hot hot water and just bleach won't cut it! ONLY HOT water!
Its too bad too, cos I used to like this place.
I am reporting this in

June 2009.
I believe the owner is currently having the place exterminated, BUT if you are thinking of renting I would wait for about 2 months.

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