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Checked in on October 16, 2014 for one night. We didn't expect much since we paid $100 for the night. Room was ok nothing to brag about. The next morning October 17, 2014 me and my spouse woke up to start packing when we noticed a black dot on the wall, the closer we looked we realized it was a BED BUG. We then inspected the bed with a closer eye and noticed a few creepy crawlers under the pillow, under the sheets along with a trail of black dots. It didn't stop there a couple more were spotte

d on the wall and edges of the carpet. GROSS!! My spouse took the pillow to the front desk which the BED BUGS where still crawling on. The gentlemen at the front desk didn't seem so surprised and really just said "sorry,what can I do" ? We told him, "we wanted a full refund" and he mentioned "ok" but has to call his manager first. So we waited an hour till his manger actually came to the hotel. While we waited outside the room the housekeeper was stripping the room (blankets and towels) and throwing them in the Linen bin along with all the other sheets and towels; which now she is spreading the BED BUGS!!!!! Fortunately, we placed all our luggage on top of the table when we checked in, so we're not to worried about bed bugs on our luggage. Anyways, the manager finally came and was very apologetic to us and gave us our entire refund with not questions asked. He admitted to them having bed bug problems in the past and that they have tried everything to try to exterminate them themselves. He mentioned they changed the carpet and got new mattresses which have mattress covers. They seriously need to get professionals out to exterminate the entire hotel. I guess the phrase " You get what you pay for" can be used here.

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14 Jul 2012 - Woke up with body covered in bites, Large bites all over my body. When we showed the lady at the front desk she said she would contact the manager but said please cover up so others can not see the bites.

WARNING! WARNING! BED BUG ALERT! BEWARE! BEWARE! Stayed here during the week of June 11-16. Noted 3 bugs in bed (after sleeping there three prior nights) and called front desk immediately. Young lady at desk seemed most unconcerned and suggested I put a Styrofoam cup over them. After taking photos of the bugs with a phone, we immediately checked out at front desk and requested to speak to manager. Young lady at front desk agreed to call manager and proceeded to laugh with him on the phone a

nd spoke to the manager in a language other than English, although English is what she had been speaking to me. She initially said he was on his way and would talk to me but quickly changed that to he would not be back until that afternoon. She said he offered me $20 which I refused. The lady assured me that I need not worry about bed bugs that they are very hard to catch and that she promised me we would not have a problem.

After talking to a professional exterminator, we discarded all of our suitcases, washed and dryed what we could and disposed many items we had with us that could not be put in a washer/dryer. We emailed the photos of the bugs to our exterminators and they were promptly identified as BED BUGS!

A week later, my daughter now is covered with bed bug bites and I can only hope and pray our home is not infested. Our car is another story since we had our suitcases and clothes in it to transport them home.

What a costly, timely, stressful and disgusting ordeal that could have been prevented by the management of this place.

I would not recommend this place to any one and would suggest you NOT STAY HERE!

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Stayed in the hotel for a few nights and noticed a couple little dots on the sheets, but it wasn't until the last night we found an actual bedbug on the blanket between sheet and comforter. I didn't know what it was at the time, and found two more when I woke up on the sheets (one large like the previous night and the other very small). We put a cup upsidedown over the large one and called to inform the front desk, but they had no interest in coming to see it. They did not offer any

compensation and said we could wait to speak with a manager. We waited a half hour and were then informed the manager would no longer be coming to speak with us and instead would refund us a total of $20 on our $600+ bill.

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