Town & Country Hotel
500 Hotel Cir N
San Diego, CA 92108

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I stayed in room 2229 in the Regency Tower in June 2015. I had some bug bites on my legs during my stay and I continued to find new bites after I returned home. I probably brought the bugs home! I could not tell whether it's bedbug or fleas. The hotel allows pets in certain rooms so the bites might be flea bites. I'm still fighting the bugs at home. It's a nightmare and I will not recommend this hotel at all.

Stayed in Palm Towers room 1829 (eigth floor) from 6/25/15-6/28/15 woke up second morning at 6:30 am to my alarm turned on lamp and looked down to see a bedbug crawling across the top comforter. Jumped out of bed, scooped it up in an empty water bottle & called the front desk. The woman sighed, sounded stressed & said she'd send security and "try to move (me)to a new room." When security finally showed up, he didn't know why he was there. I explained, showed him the bedbug in the bottle, he took

it and said in a dismissive tone "Well it is a bug, but" I interrupted him and said that I work in public health and know what a bed bug looks like. He called the front desk and they only moved me 3 doors down the hall. As security took me to the new room, he said "It's not like we have an infestation." What?!? I was at a convention and was there with other people and had to stay another night. Couldn't sleep at all and have bites on my ankle & foot. Now just hoping I didn't bring them home.

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Yep bed bugs 4th floor of the regency tower. I have bites from chest to my feet. Talked to 3 different supervisors before anyone even cared. Won't stay there again, the place is very poorly managed and looks like it is on its last legs. Bed bugs ar holding the beds together. I am covered in bites

OMG... stayed here for a few days last week and got dozens of itchy bites. I changed rooms and had a similar experience. Either this place is infested or I carried the bed bugs with me from one room to the next. Freaks me out that I probably brought them home too... Staff was not helpful as they sought to limit their liability instead of putting guest and staff health first.

In town for a conference April 2014.
Slept in 4th floor room in horseshoe.
Wound up with several bites on my arm.
Found out when I returned home that they
were probably from bedbugs. I washed my
clothes in hot h20 and am hoping I didn't
bring them home with me.

My daughter was at the Town and Country for a few days startling July 27, 2013. got bitten so bad she had to go to the hospital Bed bugs were in the room.

March 19 2013:
Here in the Garden Area for a meeting
Second day, so far 2 bed bugs, expecting to find more, no bites... yet Woke up with one crawling on my sleeve lucky I sleep in a sweater

Was there for a conference and had them on the 4th floor at the back of the horseshoe. Carpet was also sticky. The infestation was pretty bad because I wasn't even looking and found them on top of the top sheet.

Woke up after my second night with bites all over. Told the staff and was moved to a new room, but they were very light on the apologies; I don't think they wanted any liability. I threw my suitcase out when I got home and dry-cleaned everything in it.

Bedbug infestation in Town and Country Hotel during convention March 16-18, 2012 requiring trip to doctor's office for treatment.

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