Motel 6 San Diego Hotel Circle
2424 Hotel Cir N
San Diego, CA

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Stayed there on 9/10/2014. Unusual bites covering both of our bodies the next morning. Spent our first day home researching how to keep from spreading them to our home. Luggage stayed outdoors until we were able to laundry and run it through the dryer twice. Then most of it, as well as the luggage went into a closed car to spend a couple of days in the hot sun. We certainly hope this will work. It would be unpleasant and probably quite expensive to have to eradicate them.

On another note, app

arently the best precautions are to keep luggage on the racks provided, not on the floor, and keep it closed.

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Bed bug found on 7/31/2013 in room 267. Night shift manager was very rude to the complaint. Personal belongings were removed without notice and moved to another room without permission of guest.

Well I didn't find one but they sure bite the crap out of my neck I hope I didn't bring them home!

Just got woken up by a bed bug (1/1/2012)!!
Was able to locate it on the sheet and kill it.

This hotel still has an ongoing problem, one year since the last positive report. I stayed at this hotel from June 17-20, 2011. On the last day of my stay I found a small bedbug on the sheets. I am a biologist by training and profession, so I knew what it was, and flipped the beds to look for more. I found 3 small bedbugs total. I collected 2 of them in a cup and killed one. I took them to the hotel desk and presented them to the manager. He was not interested in seeing them, and surprisi

ngly none of the staff members blinked an eye when they heard the word bedbug (I think they are all well aware they have an ongoing problem). Since he wasn't interested in seeing them in the cup, I dumped them out of the cup onto the counter. He still wasn't interested in seeing them. I asked for a refund, and proof that they were working on fixing the problem. The manager said their procedure was to have an exterminator look at the room and if they found bedbugs they would see about giving me a refund. I put the bedbugs back into the cup and told him to show them to the exterminator. He called later in the afternoon and said the exterminator came and couldn't find anything. I am not surprised by this because I took the room apart and only found 3 (which I collected or killed). However, he said the bugs I found were roaches, and not bedbugs! I was a graduate student studying ecology/zoology, and have taken a graduate level entomology course. I have seen bedbugs in entomology class, and have seen plenty of roaches. There is a clear shape difference between roaches and bedbugs, and although the bedbugs I found were small, I confirmed what they were with a hand lens I had in my car. So, the hotel management denies it has a bedbug problem, and the infestation continues. Additionally when I flipped the beds I realized they were the nastiest beds I have ever seen at a hotel, stained, crumbs, hairs, falling apart.

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Would the person that posted a note for June contact me. at [email protected] Thank You. I have just had a student that stayed 2 days and has brought bed bugs to my home. I need more information thank you.

Major bodily attack. Many bites on upper body, arms, hands and neck; headache followed. Management unresponsive. No refund or accommodation made upon presentation. Verification required by pest control inspection and report. Room rented to others in mean time, delaying inspection. this suggests that management is willing to put others at risk or disbelieves this report.

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