Howard Johnson
1631 Hotel Cir N
San Diego, CA 92108

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Found bedbugs in my room here on September 27, 2013.

October 5,6 and 7 2012

Our softball team stayed at this hotel for 3 days in 5 separate rooms. Myself and 3 others were in room 312. On Sunday evening, the 7th, I found a bed bug on the nightstand. We took it to the office and the guy at the registration desk confirmed it was a bed bug and acted like it was no big deal. They moved us to another room. Of course we were all a bit freaked out and it became the topic of conversation for the rest of the night. We were all concerned and had trouble


The following morning as we were packing up and getting ready to check out. We noticed the maid service making up the room like they would any other day. The room was not treated. It was apparent there was no communication between the registration staff and house cleaning. This is concerning.

A conversation with the hotel manager took place and we were offered a 25% discount for 1 room/1 night of our stay. That equates to about $17.

It appears today that I've got several bites on my stomach and back.

I'm considering the next course of action but wanted to post here for others to be aware.

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I stayed in room 410 on the nights of May 18 and May 19th 2012, and recieved multiple bed bug bites on my neck and both hands. The hotel front desk person was the one who noticed the bugs in the bed after he came up to the room after I called to complain about what I thought were very old and itchy sheets. The hotel is in disrepair and poorly cleaned. The manager still has not replied to multiple attempts to contact her for a refund!

On 4/9 through 4//12/11 we stayed in rooms 310 and 312 at the Howard Johnson on Hotel Circle in San Diego and on the morning of the 12th in room 310 in the bed near the bathroom my 11 year old daughter noticed a red bug on the sheets.I checked everyone for bites and i had them on my feet, arms and legs.I talked to the supervisor then later that day tried to talk to the manager and he blamed me for bringing them in. I felt after all we found it was a MUST to leave and check out

On 1/20/10 I stayed in Rm 417 and when I got in bed, I noticed bugs crawling on the bedspread (3). I asked for another room and the hotel complied. The next day, I discovered about 12 bug bites on my shoulders and back. I did report this to their corporate customer service office.

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