Hampton Inn San Diego Del Mar
11920 El Camino Real
San Diego, CA

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I stayed on April 25-27 on the third floor in a king suite. Since the reaction to the bites is delayed 12-48 hours, I did not realize that I had bites or that there was problem with the room. I did not check the room for bugs because I have never had a problem.
The hotel is treating this as if their property could not be the cause but it is the only place I have been that I might have contracted them. The property is not bad but there are many little details of things like broken switches an

d tears in the shower curtain so I have no confidence that they always check the rooms for bugs.
Now that it is a month later, we have realized that our home is infested with bed bugs and by the time we have it exterminated, stay out of the house, wash and replace all kinds of things, I think it will cost about $3000.
The staff at this hotel is very friendly and welcoming but this problem was certainly not worth the stay.
The DoubleTree across the street has always been really nice :-)

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We stayed there on Wednesday June 4th for 1 night. My husband woke up with a few bug bites but didnt think anything of it. I have a blanket that travels with me when I sleep and we came in so late, I was unable to wash it before sleeping that night. 2 days later at our own bed, we both woke up with several bug bites. It is now 3 weeks and our home bed has major bed bugs and it had to come from this hotel as that was the first place we had bug bites and we did not have them prior to leaving for

the trip.

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