Hampton Inn
3888 Greenwood St
San Diego, CA

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Stay at this hotel on 3-8-2013. First thing I do when going into the hotel room is Check the sheets and the whole bed to make sure that I have clean linens. I checked the bed and did not find anything. I sat down on the bed and saw something crawling on the bed. Called the front desk and told them to come and get what ever it was. They send a guy down to my room and he tore the room apart to locate the bug. He ended up catching it and putting in a bag. This room looked like a room that is

a rent by the hour room. I was moved into another room which was completely different from the room we where in. Went to check out the next morning and on my receipt it said no charge due to bed bugs. This bug was not a baby at all. He was huge and has been a around for a long time.

Nasty Nasty

This problem has now infected my bedroom and has cost me a over $2k for treament and to have to purchase a new mattress. I started breaking out with blisters on my hands and arms from being bitten buy these damn bugs.

Do not stay at this hotel unless you want to bring some little nasty friends home with you.

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bugs all over the room, not in bed but on room chair and tables. Had them crawling all over my stuff and my skin! stayed in room 232 called front desk to switch rooms and I believe manager came up, looked at a bug i had trapped on the phone receiver and didnt look too surprised. Said inspector would drop by in the morning. was moved to another room.

She was nice enough to give me some free courtesy detergent to wash my clothes with though... what the f... I just wanted a clean place to s

tay. I dont need these critters crawling all over me.

I just woke up and was scratching all over the place. I hope I dont have scabies or some other communicable disease now! ugh..if i bring this back home i'll be pissed...

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Beware!!! I woke up with many bed bugs on my pillow....the worst. The front desk seemed like they were not surprised at all. Sick!

I woke up with bed bugs bites along my crotch area!!!!!

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