Days Inn Mission Bay
4540 Mission Bay Dr
San Diego, CA 92109

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For starters it has changed hands from a Comfort Inn to a Holiday Inn Express. We booked it through Hotwire as a "three star"(NOT!) It's previous rating as a Comfort Inn was one star. A bit dissapponted with Hotwire needless to say. Anyway, we were in the room for a couple hours and about to go to bed when a bed bug crawled out from beneath my wifes pillow. I caught it and took him to the front desk manager. I work in pest control and had my license ready to show him if there was going to be a

debate. Fortunately the manager confirmed it as a bed bug but said because we booked through Hotwire he could not refund our money. It was after 11pm and I wasn't going to run around an unfamiliar town looking for a room last minute. He agreed to put us up and comped us one night in another hotel owned by thier company a La Quinta. Needless to say Hotwire said that the hotel should have refunded us. Not sure who represented this hotel as a three star, but we won't be using Hotwire ever again if they aren't checking that the hotel isn't even what they say it is, Goggle it and it stills says Comfort Inn. Still waiting on our refund.

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To start with, this is now a Comfort Inn. We stayed there on October 10 and woke up to a blood smear on the sheets with a few spots of blood in other places on the sheet. We were puzzled and decided that I must have had a slight nose bleed. Returning that evening when we turned the lights on in the bathroom I saw a bug scurrying and quickly killed it. Instantly I knew from a newscast that I had seen I put two and two together and realized it must have been a beg bug that put the blood on the

sheets. We went down to the front desk and asked if they were having a bed bug problem. We caught the employee off guard and when we showed him the dead bug he confessed that they had indeed been having a problem. He phoned his manager to authorize a move to a different property and we were able to hear the manager on the other end of the phone. It was clear that he had some experience with denial of the problem going through a number of lines to give the customer but the desk man said he had already said that. Finally we were told to go to another hotel that they owned. Here we are three weeks later trying to ascertain if we brought them home with us. Today we had a dog sniff our van and he gave positive signals that they had been present even though the day before we had the vehicle dry steamed at a cost of $230.00. This, as the typical scenario goes, is turning into a nightmare. I still have 22 large welts on me and am wondering if bed bugs will show up in the house. We had to drive the van to a large city 2 1/2 hours away because we don't have a trained dog where we live and they would have charged us for 5 hours driving time if we hadn't gone to them. That would have been another $500.00. We have thrown out 2 suitcase, 1 expensive camera backpack bag, two sleeping bags, two pillows and lots of other smaller items. It is looking like our few days in San Diego are going to be very expensive. What reeks about this entire experience is that the hotel is not obligated to inform the guest, (victims) of their impending doom. So for a single nights income to their coffers our lives must become a hell.

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