Dana on Mission Bay
1710 W Mission Bay Dr
San Diego, CA

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stayed 1 night. Looked clean minus the corner of the matress being dingy looking. Came home and a few days later have 8 bites in a row :(

In March 2012, I stayed at this hotel for 2 nights for a business conference being held there. The room was nice, clean, beautiful hotel overall. I stayed in one of the older buildings by the pool. I was not weary of bed bugs before this trip, so I did not check for any signs of bugs while at the hotel. However, shortly after I returned home, I started getting weird bites...I thought they were mosquitoes, but after finding a bed bug in my room I realized I had a problem. Took an exterminator a

nd lots of cleaning to get rid of them finally. The Dana was very apologetic and refunded me the cost of 1 night.

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Stayed here 5.14.2011 to 5.20.2011 in 600 block without any problems. I checked the bed thoroughly after reading the first review that totally turned my stomach. The room was clean and I did not experience any problems with bedbugs.

After reading the earlier report, I was rather nervous about staying here. We were involved with a wedding on November 28th and numerous rooms were booked. I told the front desk that we were going to check well etc. I am glad to report that there was absolutely no indication of bed bugs in our room or any of the other guests who were involved with the wedding. I know this is to report problems but I wanted to report a very good experience.

Guest of Rider wedding

Stayed at The Dana hotel in September 2010. Can't remember the room. It was a beautiful hotel with a wonderful lobby, beautiful grounds and very nice staff. On the second day of my stay, I woke up with red, itchy spots on my legs and feet. I had been in the hot tub the night before, figured it was a rash from chlorine. That night, I was up reading a book in a dark room with a booklight and something caught the corner of my eye. I saw a little brown/reddish bug moving across the pillow next to m

e! I jumped out of bed, pulled the covers back and saw more bugs! I pulled the sheets off the bed and threw them in a corner. The mattress had bloody looking streaks down the sides- more evidence of bedbugs. I was so grossed out that I left that night!! Thank goodness I carried my clothing in a duffel bag I could wash in high heat & bleach!! I've never seen bedbugs before that night, and hope to never see them again. Took a week for my legs to stop itching

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