Sheraton Grand Sacramento
1230 J St
Sacramento, CA

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My son and his FBLA team stayed at the Sacramento Grand Sheraton April 2019. Bedbugs discovered, kids bitten, all their items were confiscated. They were sent with $50 vouchers to get a complete outfit. The hotel sent a letter confirming that bedbugs were discovered and the room was treated by Orkin I’d love to attach the letter-it shows much more interest in congratulating their protocol than anything else. On the phone, the operations manager was pretty much useless and just kept repeating

the “company line”

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Stayed in room 1826, found the bites the morning we checked out that are the typical raised welts with a yellow head. Bites on the face and arms. My wife is allergic to bed bug bites so we are sadly familiar with what they look like from a past experience several years ago. They result in a specific systemic reaction for her that take a week for her to heal from. We emailed the hotel to report the bed bugs, haven't heard back yet. It sounds like they had a similar problem recently so hopefully

this can be addressed. It's a beautiful hotel and really, this can happen anywhere.

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Based on the direct communication with the Operations Manager at the Sheraton Grand Sacramento, a thorough investigation by ORKIN Commercial Services has been completed. We are pleased to announce that their investigation showed no evidence of bed bug infestation. We value your loyalty to our properties and take these concerns very seriously. Please contact us directly at (916)341-3655 for further discussions.

On Thursday 05/16/13 I drove up to Sacramento for a meeting I spent the night at Sheraton Grand in Sacramento on J st. I work up itchy but didn't think much of it because in a rush and late to travel to another city. I arrived at the other hotel location and jumped in the shower. As I was looking in the mirror I noticed red bumps on my legs in a straight row and on both sides and a few on my calves. I had another row on the side of chest and two on my abdomen. They matched the description of bed

bug bites. I called the Sheraton and they informed me that they would look into the matter.

I was informed that the Orkin man looked at the room and so did housekeeping and found no evidence of bed bugs. So what was it fleas, ticks or mosquitoes? The management was not helpful and seemed dismissive of it all. I got bit spending the night there because it was not in my home otherwise my family would had been bitten as well.

I had to go to the hospital to get medication and verification that it was not a spider. I was informed that it was bugs. I am lost and don't know where to turn.

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Thank you for giving us an opportunity to respond to the posting. At Sheraton Grand, we mandate an aggressive pest control policy, which includes regularly scheduled professional inspections and, if necessary, elimination protocols. We have also implemented a thorough training program for our housekeeping and maintenance personnel to assist in the early recognition of infestation. These standard procedures require that the room in which you stayed be quarantined and that it remain quarantined

until a thorough inspection by professionals can be conducted. I want to assure you that we have fully implemented the policy and protocols.

Given the nature of our business, it is our expressed commitment to make every guest experience an enjoyable one. Your comfort and satisfaction are very important to us. We hope you will consider staying with us again.

Sheraton Grand Management

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I spent the night of June 18, 2009 in Room 1018 of this hotel while on a business trip. At about 4:00 in the morning, I woke up, itching all over my body, but primarily over my abdomen. At about 6 am, I called my wife, who suggested I peel back the covers and mattress pad and check the corners of the bed. I found a small bug shaped like a tick, but smaller, at the first corner I checked. It was dead. Probably the hotel had tried to eradicate the bugs but had not done a very good job.

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