Holiday Inn Express Sacramento Convention Center Hotel
728 16th St
Sacramento, CA 95814-2002

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I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express Sacramento Convention Center from Aug 10 to 16, 2014 while attending an ecology conference. The first night, my friend and I stayed in room 3008, and we neglected to check for bedbugs. The second evening as we were getting ready for bed (around 11pm), I noticed a bug crawling on the carpet. We examined it and identified it as a bedbug. We then looked between the mattresses and under the box spring skirt, finding dozens more bugs. We notified the desk staff, an

d were relocated to a new room, which did not seem to have any bedbug signs. I woke up the next morning with ca. 20 bites, presumably from the previous night.

We were given a slight discount on a couple nights of our stay (very minor: $10 per night), but still had to pay full price for the first night (the night with bedbugs). Overall, a very poor experience!

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No bed bugs.

Pretty sure I got bitten here. It has been a week since I stayed there and I have bites all over me. Stayed on the fourth floor. Lame!

Came home yesterday from a one night stay at this hotel with confirmed bed bug bites though I didn't see (or think to check) for any bed bugs while I was in the room.

Stayed in this Hotel Feb 5th & 6th with a girls volleyball team. Two of the rooms had a confirmed case of bed bugs. The bugs were caught and placed in a glass cup and delivered to the front desk. Some of the girls in the other rooms had bite marks up and down their legs in the morning.

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