Hilton Sacramento Arden West
2200 Harvard St
Sacramento, CA

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I stayed two nights at this hotel in October 2013. After the first night, I awoke with 2 bites that I thought could be mosquito bites. The second night I was sitting on the bed and a bed bug climbed up onto the bedding. I double checked, online, that it was in fact a bed bug. I then called the front desk and reported it immediately requesting a different room. Two staff members, including the manage on duty, came to my room within minutes. They both witnessed the bed bug and helped me to g

ather my belongings. I am a public health professional and I reviewed the guidelines with them as to what they should do. I was given a sort of "nod" that it would be taken care of, so I am not convinced that anything other than removing the linens and maybe washing the room some way took place. I was given another room and allowed to inspect before they left. I was also given one of my two nights discounted from my final bill. I do think they did what they could and what they knew to do, but I do KNOW there is more that can be done. I ended up throwing away my suitcase because I could not trust that I didn't bring them home.

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