Embassy Suites Sacramento - Riverfront Promenade
100 Capitol Mall
Sacramento, CA 95814

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We stayed at this hotel 1 night last Feb, shortly after the kids started to have bites at home. I thought they were fleas. I treated it with flea bombs a couple months later it spread to the entire house we all had bites it wasn't until an exterminator told us bed bugs did I figure out where it started. my son said all along he had bites right after the hotel stay. we are still spraying Bedlam and DE for months after it was very hard and expensive to combat. What a pain. fyi Flea bombs make bedb

ugs worse they mask it for a short period and the infestation continues to worsen. Thanks for the site we now won't go to any hotel with a recent post

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10/1/2014 - I stayed there for 2 nights, 3 days. I didn't notice anything the first night. The second night, I had at least 10 bites and found an adult bedbug crawling on me. I managed to kill it in my panic and quickly reported the incident to the front desk. There was team knocking at my room door asking to see where the bug was and the bites on me. I was told to just put all my clothes in the dryer and that should kill them. They didn't say anything about preventing contamination. As I checke

d out, they didn't provide me any information as far as who would contact me with a follow up call nor did they provide me plastic bags to transport my things. I had to ask for them as I read up on some protocols. Two days later, I have yet to receive a follow up call from them. They did pay for the one day of my stay (although it was on business, so it didn't matter to me). I'm certain I had some in my clothes, as I have had an additional 5 bites since then. so far, 35 bites later and utilizing calamine lotion, and benedryl; you can bet I won't be returning here.

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