Doubletree Sacramento
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Sacramento, CA

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We stayed here Jan. 5, 2022, as it was close to my surgery center, Room 5204. Everything looked clean. I laid down after surgery to rest before we went to dinner. I noticed a red spot on my chest. Next morning before a shower I saw 7 red spots over my chest and a few on my legs. My husband admitted that he felt minor stings on his leg during the night. All clothing was removed upon returning home for washing and our luggage has been sprayed.

Stayed at the hotel 8/17/19. Thought I was breaking out into hives especially since it was not first thing upon waking After a few days, the marks were still there so I had a Drs appointment. Dr. said "absolutely bedbug bites" and that not all bites appear immediately.

Called the hotel and they said they'd investigate. I stay at this hotel twice a year..well, I did but I won't again.

I stayed in room 4012 on October 26,27 and 28th.
I definitely got bit by bedbugs and had the raised marks on my shoulder and arms to prove it.

I had bedbug bites about 7 years ago and consider myself an expert on them.

I informed the hotel management and they said they would check the room.

I stayed in room 4015 in the Folsom wing. I woke in the morning to use the restroom and noticed something moving on the wall. I had never seen a bedbug before, but that is what I suspected it to be. I googled images of bedbugs and that's definitely what it was.

At that point, I pulled back the covers on the bed. I didn't see anything in the bed, but that's when I noticed one on my pillow. So disgusting! This one had obviously fed on me as it was engorged with blood. I then proceeded to

take off the pillow cases of all three pillows. I ended up finding one more that was also engorged with blood. I didn't inspected the mattress. I killed all three with kleenex and the two that fed had quite a lot of blood in them.

I spoke to the manager on duty, who didn't appear to be surprised. He switched my room (which I inspected and seemed to be fine) and he agreed to comp me the previous night. I would have switched hotels, but all of the other Hilton properties were sold out. The manager stated that the rooms are typically inspected, but he planned to take the room out of commission.

I stay here all of the time and am a Hilton Diamond member, but this is the first time this has ever happened to me.

The following night, I decided to walk back to that room. I was really worried that they may have turned around and rented it to someone else. The doors deadbolt was engaged from the outside so it couldn't automatically shut. So I took this as an opportunity and peaked in. I did see numerous cleaning supplies and the mattress propped against the wall, so it was good to see that they were taking action.

When I checked out, I told the story to the customer service agent. She was genuinely shocked (and disgusted). That's more of the reaction I was expecting from the manager. Hopefully, that's a sign that it's not a common event at this hotel.

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This us true. I work for a airline and we stay at this hotel. The hotel is infested with em! The management will NOT do anything about it. I called the Cal dept of health.

My friend was staying in Room 516, Cal Expo wing, February 25, 2010. Guest discovered approximately 5 small brown bugs on the sheets when she awoke. She called the front desk, and asked to be moved. Maintenance person that moved her luggage insisted that the creatures were not bed bugs, claimed that bed bugs could not be seen.

My room was in another wing, and since I had recently dealt with a bedbug infestation in my home (brought home from another hotel)my friend asked me to inspect her

room. Upon inspection, I found several small blood spots on the sheets (indications of bedbug bites), and a live bedbug on the mattress seam. I killed the bedbug, and not to be graphic, but the bug was full of blood (indication of recent feeding).

I reported my findings to the manager (night manager, name available upon request). Manager claims that no other room infestations in the entire hotel have been reported and that room 516-CalExpo will be taken off market until exterminators clear it.

Since bedbugs travel easily from room to room through the walls, I doubt very much that this is the only room that is infested.

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