Days Inn Sacramento Downtown
228 Jibboom St
Sacramento, CA 95814

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My husband and I stayed in room 215 on 1/16/14. I woke up around 3:00 AM (probably because of the crawling sensation) to find my pillows, my sheets and myself just COVERED in bed bugs. I could see at least fifteen of them out in the open, so who knows how many more were lurking under the covers! As far as we could tell, though, there were no bugs in my husband's bed, but we didn't check too thoroughly as we were more preoccupied with leaving the room immediately.

The hotel moved us to room 2

21, and we haven't found any bugs in this one so far (we were also as careful as we could be to avoid transporting any from our previous room), but I don't think we'll be sleeping anyway.

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My husband and I stayed at the Days Inn Sacramento Downtown from June 10 to June 13, 2009. The first night we stayed in Room 115 and I woke up early the morning of June 11 feeling like something was crawling on me, but thought it was my imagination. When I got up that morning, I noticed there was a spot of blood on the sheet, and when I looked closer, I saw little bugs in the bed. My husband reported it to the staff member at the front desk, who seemed very surprised. We were immediately mov

ed to another room and given a voucher for a free night's stay. The new room was fine, and I still wasn't sure if what we had seen were bedbugs. However, when we got home, both of us broke out in bites all over our upper bodies, which look like the pictures we have seen on the internet consistent with bedbug bites.

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