Doubletree Hotel Sonoma Wine Country
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Rohnert Park, CA

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I stayed here with my boyfriend on Saturday night (July 5) and we stayed in room 278. The next day in the morning while I was taking a shower I saw a very small bed bug on the inside of the shower curtain. I freaked out a little bit but hoped there were no more bed bugs on my clothes or suitcase. Prior to checking out on Sunday 07/06, I informed the front desk about this and the lady said they would examine to room. Later that day, my boyfriend noticed two bites on his arm and we didn't pay too

much attention until I saw several bites on my right arm and shoulder. Then in the evening when we got home, I noticed several more bites, one on my back, on my right thigh, on my inner left thigh, on my left arm. My skin have gotten worse and some bites have gotten very red and swollen. On Monday morning I woke up to go to work and had more bites on my body even on my left eyelid. My arm and legs have gotten way worse, my elbow is completely swollen and red. I felt a little bit of chest pain on Sunday night and could't breathe right, but tried to stay optimistic and watch for the symptoms. Now Im noticing very tiny blisters in the middle of red area. I saw the pictures from bed bug bites, and the pattern of bites seem the same. I will check in the morning if I need to go to the doctor but this is very frustrating. I hope I didn't bring any bed bugs to my home.
My boyfriend will call the hotel tomorrow to talk to them about this.
I currently have no health insurance due to having a temporary position, and its very frustrating to having to go to emergency room or pay the doctor out of pocket because of someone else's negligence.
The room was also smelly as it was a "smoking room".
I haven't had this experience before nor any kind of experience with bed bugs or bites all over my body. Very disappointing.

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