Best Western Inn
6500 Redwood Dr
Rohnert Park, CA

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I checked into room #125 @bestwestearn on 1/26/2020 for a week for work. Wednesday morning I was itching all over I noticed a large red, itchy,hard lump on my upper shoulder/back I thought maybe a spider bite I went to work on when I returned for the night I began to feel itchy on my left arm I looked at my arm and seen a bedbug and as I smashed it blood came out on the pillow my blood I'm sure!I took pictures and packed my stuff and spoke to the office auditor on duty and I was offered another

room which I excepted because it was late and I had to be at work at 5AM. The

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9/30/15: Checked into Best Western Rohnert Park the evening of 9/299/15. Woke up this morning and my husband found a bed bug on the sheet. When he squished it, a lot of blood (likely ours)squirted out. Gross, gross, gross!! I immediately called the front desk, who did not sound at all concerned or surprised, and simply offered us a different room. I told her don't' want another room, and would be checking out immediately (6:30 a.m.) and requested a refund. She said she couldn't give a refun

d since we prepaid for the room, but would apply a credit to our rewards account for a complimentary stay at any other Best Western. Not sure I want to stay at another one of their hotels after this disgusting experience.

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Stayed for two days at this hotel the middle of June 2015. Had bites didn't know what they were and a week later I started getting the bites at home and discovered I brought bed bugs home. Very expensive problem.

We stayed in this hotel on 10/13 (Rm 140-A) and on 10/16 (Rm 147-A).
Two days after the final stay, I discovered multiple bites on both arms, my thigh and my neck. I am still dealing with the bites.

Woke up with 31+bites. Clusters mainly on elbows and shoulders. Reported to front desk, they moved my room for my second night.

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