223 Twin Dolphin Dr
Redwood City, CA

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f I could write 0 stars I would.

The only good thing about the hotel was that parking was free, and they have a nice lobby.
Found this on dated 9/06/10:

The first thing I thought of when I walked into the room was the Ramada. What kind of 4 star, "French" hotel reminds one of the Ramada!? None should.

Also there was little to no insulation between rooms and the hallways, every time either of our neighbors talked or open/closed a door, it could be heard or felt in our room,

and THE WALLS ARE PAPER THIN, you can hear all the conversations in the rooms around you.

Last, but certainly not least, THERE WERE BED BUGS IN THE BED!!!!!!* That we discovered on our way out, checking-out, we reported it immediately to management and said they would inspect the room and call us with their finding, we haven't heard back.

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