Motel 6
1368 N Mcdowell Blvd
Petaluma, CA

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Room 134 October 19. Actually saw bugs in bed. Took one to health department immediately in morning. Left two messages with manager - first alerting to the bug presence. Second to confirm that it was indeed a bedbug. Spent day doing laundry in hot water, left suitcase in the sun. Motel 6 manager never returned call. Corporate got back to me October 28. Compensated for one of five motel nights, plus $50. Assured me that an exterminator had been in the room since, but did not accept any responsib

ility or liability. As long as they truly treated the room, I was happy to leave the incident to the past. SAME NIGHT, I awake after my 9th night away from Motel 6 in the same place, covered in bites. Have called health department back and investigating how I am to eradicate the problem. Again, corporate was very unconcerned with my time and trauma, but more significantly the possibility of continued infestation elsewhere....I have traveled a great deal in America, and have never had this problem before now!

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