Stanford Terrace Inn
531 Stanford Ave
Palo Alto, CA

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This update is to clarify the previous comments made on December 30, 2011 and February 10, 2012 are exactly the same case. This hotel is clean and a good experience. I highly recommend staying at this hotel.

Update from 12/19/11: No sign of bed bugs. Hotel clean, and there was an apology for my past experience.

Stayed in Room 122 on 1/9-1/11/2012 - encountered no problems as far as I can tell. Looked for signs of bed bugs but saw nothing. Hopefully everything has been rectified.

I stayed here only last week (12/19/11) and woke up with a number of bedbug bites. I had am important presentation the next morning and had to rush out to find some sort of face makeup to cover the welts. Had I let it bother me more, it might have cost me the meeting.

I will be contacting the hotel directly for a full refund of the night's stay. I wish I'd found this site beforehand. It would've saved me a great deal of trouble.

I was at this hotel, and saw this report! I talked with the GM - two rooms were put out of order, treated twice, including removal of all furniture. Apparently it is resolved.

We found a live, adult bedbug in our bed in the hotel in mid-July 2010 in Room 221.

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