Hotel California
2431 Ash St
Palo Alto, CA

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I have at least sixty or seventy extremely itchy bright red welts all over my body after staying at Hotel California in Palo Alto for two nights - Dec. 9 and Dec. 10, 2015. NEVER AGAIN WILL I STAY THERE!

I stayed at Hotel california a week ago, from Nov.1st until Nov. 6th, 2015 as it was conveniently located, close to Stanford university. The purpose of my visit was to give a talk at a conference.

I was bitten very badly by bed bugs. I have tenths of bites all over my hands and legs (as it was really hot, I was wearing a t-shirt and my underwear). Initially I stayed in hotel 118, but I moved to 123 (or 128, can't recall, the first one as you go up the stairs and you enter the "reception").

The bites were most likely from this room where I stayed on Nov.5th and 6th.

On Saturday Nov. 7th, the bites started giving me a really bad itching. I currently use a hydrocortisone cream and benadryl to mitigate the itching and the pain.

I will never go back there again, no matter the cost.
The only reason I wrote this is to help others that may face the same situation as I do... And trust me, it is really uncomfortable (my first time, and hopefully the last one I ever experience this thing)

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I stayed in Room 107 at the Hotel California from March 16-19, 2014.

TLDR: A dozen bites across two consecutive nights. Bloodspots on the sheets, but no actual bugs ever sighted. The management seemed alarmingly unconcerned.

I woke up on my second morning in the hotel with a cluster of 8 small bites on my back. I was in a rush and couldn't tell immediately how many bites there were, so I just called the front desk and asked them to examine the room and change the bedding. The wom

an who answered the phone seemed confused (not concerned - a warning sign) but said she'd talk to housekeeping. I came back late that night to find the sheets had been changed, and after looking for bedbugs and finding none, I decided to stay another night.

The next morning, I woke up to half a dozen more bites spread over my neck, arm, and leg. After noticing small blood spots on the sheets, I immediately packed my things and went to check out. The woman at the front desk again seemed surprised and confused, but again didn't seem terribly concerned. (English was clearly not her primary language, so I worry I wasn't expressing the issue in a way she understood.) Regardless, she agreed to refund my remaining nights (but not the nights I had already stayed) and I left.

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Stayed in Rm 115 mid October 2013. Woke up on the first morning with a bite and a blood spot on the sheet (being from a country that doesn't have major issues with bedbugs I didn't make the mental connection). Woke up on the second night to the pillows absolutely crawling with bugs (both mature and juvenile), found bug carcasses when I ripped up the sheets. Informed management upon leaving.

Bedbug infestation in Room 115 on 10/20/13.

I was bitten by bedbugs during my stay in Hotel California on Aug 10, 2014. When investigating the bed, I found a bug sitting on the bed sheet. I reported this incident to the hotel manager, who gave me a new room. However, he did not intend to clean the room professionally, just changed the bed sheets... I know from some personal experience, that this is not a method for fighting bedbugs. I also learned from two other guests in the hotel that they were bitten by bed bugs at the same time in the

ir rooms.

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October 29, 2011--We found approx. 20 bugs climbing on the headboard of the bed in room 119 as well as a few on the pillows and checked out immediately.

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