Palm Canyon Resort and Spa
2800 S Palm Canyon Dr
Palm Springs, CA

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I had a booking for this Hotel, the agency did that.Maybe the 27 of october 2015
I stayed in ROOM number 320 for 1 night.Next morning I was saw big itchy things in the neck, under the upper-arm, the butt, the upper-legs,my back, front legs.
In total over 60 bites...I felt nothing,while I was sleeping.

I did not know what it once, I found out later at home.

I will Report that to the travelagency.

This is the responsibility of the housekeeping.
Medication for allergy pills and cremes c

osts me over 40 Dollar.
Today, over one week later, it is still painful.But I found gladly a good crme in my Country.
If I ever go back inzto the US, I will take a spray to avoid that Problem.
60 years of Age, with a lot of traveling, never had that before.

I am glad, that you will take care of us customers and do that Website.

Chris, Western Europe

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