Embassy Stes Palm Desert
74700 Highway 111
Palm Desert, CA

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I stayed in this hotel for work in August 2014. My room had many things wrong with it, including the phone not working to even call the front desk, musty, bugs in the bathroom.. etc. However the next morning when i woke up i had bug bites all over my ankles and feet. I told the front desk about this and asked for a new room. They gave me a new room but didn't say anything about the bed bugs. I have since called the hotel and the owners with no response.

I have never had bed bug bites before,

but they are incredibly miserable. i had them all over my feet and ankles and almost 4 weeks later still have the scars/spots that are healing from each bite.

I threw my suite case away in order to prevent contamination. I was really hoping the hotel would respond. But they haven't. Even my boss has tried to reach them because it was a business trip and our company uses hilton properties quite frequently.

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