Oakhurst Lodge
40302 Highway 41
Oakhurst, CA

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I stayed there July 8th and 9th of 2011. I didn't find any bugs on me when I was staying there as I sleep very soundly, however I had a delayed reaction to the bites, so a few days after I had left, I was covered in the itchiest bug bites I have EVER felt. Over 50 on one arm, it was completely miserable. They itched non-stop for 7 days straight, I barely slept. I had to have my doctor prescribe me something. I can't believe a hotel would not stay on top of something like this. I'm terrified I br

ought some home.

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We checked in to the Oakhurst Lodge Nov 15 2010. At About 1:30 am my partner woke up to bedbugs on his arm, back and head. We saw more on the sheets and pillow. After seeing the recent reports we we positive that is what they were. We totally freeked out, packed up and went to the office to report this. He offered us another room and we said no way. We did get out money back. We still cannot get over the encounter.

We stayed in room 39 here on the night of Aug 9th, 2009. At 3am I woke up itching and found bugs crawling all over me. There was also blood drops on the bed and when I killed them they were full of blood as well. I caught about 18 of them. When we complained the hotel owners were very concerned and reported that this is the 3rd time in 18 months that they recieved bed bug complaints. The management placed us in to another hotel for the rest of our stay. Now its Aug 16th and I have 200 bites

on my arms. Have a doctors appointment on Monday due to the bad allergic reaction to the bug bites.

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