Motel 6
1516 Newbury Rd
Newbury Park, CA

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I checked into Motel 6 on 6/6/12 into room 235. On 6/10/12, I woke up with over two dozen welts on my body that burned and itched beyond measure. On 6/14/12, Management informed me that there were no bed bugs . As the conversation progressed, it was revealed that they had not had any pest control company out to inspect the room. In fact, in the interim, they had rented the room out. On 6/14/12, my doctor confirmed these are bed bug bites. I have filed a report with the health officials acc


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I slept at this Motel 6 (Room 247) Monday night, October 11, 2010. I did not see any bed bugs, but I was not looking for them either. Everything seemed clean.

Tuesday night, I slept at home. Wednesday morning I woke up with several welts on both arms. My wife and I share this bed and she had no bites. We have never had a bed bug problem in our house. We strongly suspect I was bitten at the motel and the welts showed up 24+ hours later.

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