Inn at Morro Bay
60 State Park Rd
Morro Bay, CA

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The hotel immediately called their pest elimination company as well as the County health department showed up and no bed bugs were found.

I stayed here on August 12, 2010. My husband, baby and I settled into bed around 8pm. Around 9:30 I woke up itching a little bit. Around 11 I woke up again, this time feeling like bugs were jumping on and off of me. I was itching everywhere. My husband and baby were sleeping, so I decided to tough it out. At 12:40am, I awoke with more itching and this time my husband was awake too. He said, "I think I'm being eaten by bedbugs." We packed up immediately and hightailed it out of there. The hotel d

id not offer a refund or even assurance that they would check into the problem, so I reported them to the San Luis Obispo County Department of Health.

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