Ascot Suites
260 Morro Bay Blvd
Morro Bay, CA

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We stayed at this dump (don’t believe the phots on their website) on 11/13/2021. My husband was covered in over 3 dozen bites. We didn’t notice them until later on Sunday and the following Monday. They are the typical bed bug bite pattern according to medical websites. We did not see any bugs as we didn’t notice the bites until we got home. The hotel conducted their own inspection of the room and said that they did not find any. They did not bring in a bug exterminator to do this. T

hey asked their housekeeping staff. They refuse to do anything about it. DO NOT STAY HERE! I wish I could attach the photos of my husband’s bites. They are all the proof I need!

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We stayed in Room 212 the night of July 12, 2008 and woke up finding about a dozen bed bugs crawling around on our two beds. My entire family (four of us) ended up with bites of which my son was the worst having over 40 bites on his arms alone and bites literally from head to toe (we took over 50 pictures to document it as well as we captured several of the bed bugs and even gave two live bed bugs to the hotel front desk before we left). I ended up with over 50 bites on myself. After about a

dozen calls to Ascot and Expedia over a month we were able to get a full refund (but it WASN'T easy). We have not traveled or stayed in a hotel since then.

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We stayed her for one night in Feb 09 and brought back bedbugs. For a $220 room the hotel gave us a $100 refund and told us they would be spraying the room.

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