Sheraton San Jose Hotel
1801 Barber Ln
Milpitas, CA

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Noticed the bug when I was about to iron my shirt. Saw it crawling across the collar.

Informed reception and they moved me straight away and where very apologetic as I should it to them so they could see it for themselves.

Very disappointing as this was one of their suites!

Hotel emailed me to say that Orkin determined that it wasn't a bed bug but a tick or small spider. Sure looked like a bedbug....

May 15th 2012 - Have stayed here numerous times over the year and never had a problem. Checked in last night for 5 nights and woke up this morning with 2 bites on my leg and the bed bug still attached. Rm 601 on an SPG floor. Ugh !

Stayed there 2 times a week for 2 months and now have bed bugs at my house. I thought it was lice at first, but the systems didn't match. I have small raised bite welts on my back of neck and on body (no nits on hair). I found one crawling on my neck and it didn't look like lice. Im not realizing that i would have bites on my lower legs and feet after staying at the hotel.

Stayed 3 nights - CLEAN

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