Vine Lodge Hotel
1818 Vine St
Los Angeles, CA 90028-5204

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I just read these reports and find them alarming. The place is a well priced and greatly run hotel. There use to be problems but those days are long gone . The manager Rick runs a tight ship and you couldn't ask for a better setting for relaxing on a budget I lived downtown on spring street and have seen bug infestation this place is paradise compared to those lofts don't believe the hype come check out the lodge for a good price and nice people who keep to themselves .

there are roaches,bedbugs,in the beds in the carpet. this place is infested there is mold everywhere you can not breathe it is very unhealthy. i do not think that it is a healthy environment for anyone! there are alot of children there as well. while the staff is nice and take care of certain things the bedbugs and roaches will always be there until the place is tented. mark my words it is bedbug infested!

july 2012 this place is infested with bedbugs. no joke this is not a laughing matter! this place should be shut down immediatly.this place needs to be tented and I do not even think that would work. the people are very nice but that does not make up for the infestation.

Lol I have stayed at this hotel for years now. I cannot speak for all of these posts, but I can say most of these comments are bullshit. The management does their job and when a repair is requested it is usually done soon. They have had people come out before to clean the bedbugs but the problem is that some people are so unwilling to cooperate they wont clean out their room for the fumigation to occur properly. They expect free rent and compensation all the time. Right now my room is clean, so

I have no complaints

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This is the worst hotel ever;they should be shut down yet continue to operate.2006-2008 I lived here; bedbugs,cockroaches,crooks and drug dealers including mngmt.,drug overdoses,shootings,hookers,hard core drug addicts,a half-way house for ex-cons across the street,constant police activity due to the many problems.Completely UNSAFE!!! Owners are corrupt slumlords who only care about the money.The corrupt managers who are paid cash under the table and given a free room, only accept cash and give

out handwritten receipts which the owners collect.It is a travesty of justice that this place still operates and that the owners,a very wealthy family from India who own and illegally operate many hotels/motels(Man Partnership) are allowed to continue cheating people and renting hazardous,bed-bug infested rooms while the Health Dept.and City of Los Angeles DO NOTHING!!TERRIBLE INDEED!!!Former victim,SQUASH THEM!!!

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My Brother and I stayed up in room 217 for exactly one year. My brother and I where nearly eaten alive we tried everything to get ride of these relentless little creatures. The point is that we complained and complained and the owners nor the management gave us nothing and did absolutly nothing. We filed a complaint with the Health Department but at the fear of being evited we could not follow though with the reporting process. Now that we are out of this place. This is what the one manager that

did care do: He gave us 2 bombs out of his pocket. Then charged favors for the additional 2 extra bombs. We found out that the cost is roughly $8.00 for a box of three bombs "which are completely wourthless. I gaurantee the cheap bastard (the owners) did not apply the appropriate methode. The only way to eradicate the bugs is to quarantine the whole building and heat everything up to 150 degrees and that can take several days. The adult bug, the nymph, and the eggs cannot servive any temperature over 120 degrees. AND THIS METHODE IS VERY EXPENSIVE! "THIS OWNER(S) DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ANYONE. Unless he is inforced or sued YOU OR ANY ONE STAY CLEAR OF THIS PLACE! YOUR BETTER OFF SLEAPING IN YOUR CAR OR THE STREETS. The problem now is that these dam pest have followed us to our new place.

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I ended up in the hospital for 7 days with something called Severe Cellulitis and almost needed my leg and foot amputated as a result of being exposed to incredible infestations of bed bugs at the Vine Lodge Hotel located at 1818 North Vine Street, Hollywood, California 90028.

The hospitalization was not a result of the bites themselves but rather the constant itching and scratching that follows after being bit. Most people are highly allergic to the saliva that is left behind after these bu

gs bite and as a result they itch and scratch like crazy and therin lies where you can become infected. I tried every over the counter and prescription anti itch cream there is and nothing works to calm the itching from these bugs' bites.

I stayed at this hotel for seventeen months between April, 2009 and August, 2010 [because of expense concerns] and was exposed and bitten constantly the whole time. The owner did absolutely nothing to handle this problem and I finally had to call the Los Angeles County Health Department to have this entire facility inspected which turned up infestations in most of the rooms. The hotel was ordered to start fumigating the rooms including mine at an expense of about $350.00 per room which helped momentarily but these bugs are extremely resilient and difficult to erradicate. Most exterminations take numerous treatments and the bug multiplies quickly so if even one or two are missed they reinfest quickly.

These bugs were in the mattress, carpeting and all other upholstered and wood furniture and they quickly spread to all my clothing which I had to end up keeping sealed in ziplock bags.

Even the health department does very little to oversee that this problem is eradicated. The health department and the owner played cat and mouse games and just to the extent of avoiding fines.

Other known rooms at this hotel to have these infestations are 102, 118,125, 203A, 203B, 207, 212, 217, 225

Places like this are contributing to infestations citywide as people leave the facility with these bugs hidden in their clothes, handbags, luggage etc. as they go out into the community for work, to the bank, movie theatres only to drop the bugs off elsewhere to hitch a ride on someone else to then go and infest their places.

This is a hotel where an extreme problem persists and the city should be shutting it down for complete extermination.

If I help even one person by leaving this post then I have done even one person an ennormous favor by telling them not to stay here - ever.

I was finally able to escape this nightmare by getting back into an apartment. Don't let this problem be your next nightmare.

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